Corporate Structures
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When launching a startup or other company, it is critical to choose the right corporate entity structure at the onset. Corporate entity structures can include limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships, and others. Determining how to register a company has significant business implications. The decision can impact how much in taxes the entity must pay and the scope of business that it can conduct. There are different roles for officers and directors, the dangers of liabilities, and a host of other issues central to business transactions.

Due to the state’s favorable corporate governance regulations, most corporate entities register in Delaware…

Small Business Branding
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A successful business offers products and services the public remembers. And a powerful brand identity can elevate and position a company towards greater success.

Entrepreneur Magazine says that for a small business, a strong brand identity is critical. It is a way to distinguish itself from competitors and differentiate itself for consumers.

However, branding is much more than a logo and tagline. Branding is the way a company shares its story with customers through all available channels. Creating a strong brand identity can be one of the most significant decisions a startup founder or small business owner can make, But…

Pet Insurance Wagmo
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Wagmo, a pet insurance startup, raised $12.5 million in a Series A financing round. Founded by Christie Horvath, who was inspired to create the company after receiving a $10,000 vet bill for her dog, and Ali Foxworth in 2017, Wagmo seeks to become an important player in the rapidly growing pet industry.

Investors in the Series A financing round included Female Founders Fund, Clocktower Technology Ventures, and Vestigo Ventures. Several angel investors also participated in the Series A round. …

Salesforce Startups
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Salesforce attained annual revenue of $17.1 billion in 2020. That figure makes Salesforce the world’s biggest and most profitable software company. Of course, there are differences between average startups and Salesforce, with billions in revenue. But there’s one key aspect to its success that doesn’t involve a major investment in marketing, a long period of growth, or having the smartest employees.

As Inc. Magazine says, it’s so small and fundamental to user experience it can easily go unnoticed. It’s transparent pricing.

Startups are known for not openly sharing pricing information. This is especially true of SaaS (software as a service)…

Figure Technologies Blockchain
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Figure Technologies is a blockchain technology startup that specializes in loan origination, equity management, and payments. It has received an influx of funding recently. The company raised a $200 million Series D round in May 2021. To expand its blockchain initiatives, Figure Technologies also entered a partnership with one of the largest asset management firms in the world: Apollo Global Management.

Founded in 2018, the San Francisco-based company already has a valuation of over $3.2 billion. CEO Mike Cagney is the founder and former CEO of the online personal lending platform SoFi. …

Agora Construction
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Agora, a construction technology company, raised $33 million in a Series B round. While construction technology is not exactly considered the most glamorous industry, the market opportunity is huge because the $10 trillion construction industry is full of technological inefficiencies that slow productivity.

Agora’s goal is to make it easier for contractors to track and manage materials. The company was co-founded by Maria Rioumine, CEO, and Ryan Gibson. They built out the business by focusing on specific trade verticals, initially with electrical and now with mechanical. …

NASDAQ Diversity Rules
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On August 6, 2021, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a set of Nasdaq board diversity rules. After a certain phase-in period, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange will require the companies listed on its exchange to meet certain requirements for diversity on their boards of directors.

Nasdaq Tiers

Companies are classified into three distinct tiers on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The tier depends on a company’s market capitalization. The classification is based on a company’s ability to meet certain financial and liquidity requirements. A company also must meet corporate governance standards.

There are some differences in the applicability of the new…

Halo Top ice cream is the buzzworthy brand known for its fun flavors and ice cream pints that only contain around 300 calories. A staple of the frozen foods sections of many grocery stores, Halo Top has revolutionized the frozen dessert industry and has proven that ice cream can taste good and be healthy.

Halo Top Ice Cream
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The Halo Top leadership team deployed a savvy business and marketing strategy to rapidly grow the brand. What may come as a surprise is the fact that Halo Top was co-founded by two former corporate lawyers.

It is not uncommon for lawyers to transition into entrepreneurship…

In-House Counsel Crypto
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Being an in-house lawyer at a growing startup comes with a unique set of challenges. Working as an in-house counsel at a crypto startup brings more distinct challenges and rewards. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset and certain skills that differ from those needed for another type of startup or for a traditional company.

In-House Counsel Skillset

Laws and regulations that pertain to the cryptocurrency industry are new or still evolving. Lawyers in this space must stay on top of the latest legal developments so they can advise the startup accordingly. …

Sports General Counsels
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Over the last month, there have been at least six professional sports organizations that have promoted or hired new individuals to serve as general counsel. Experts say this shows an unusual amount of in-house turnover for the sports industry. However, this trend in sports is similar to what recruiters are seeing other industries. It’s also common in professional sports to promote general counsel from within, reports

Baseball Tops the List

Since the start of July, three major league baseball teams have changed their general counsel: the Pirates, the Phillies, and the Mets.

  • The Philadelphia Phillies promoted Leslie Safran from associate general counsel to…

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