Tesla to Produce Its Own Lithium After Acquisition Falls Through

tesla lithium
Chemetall Foote Lithium Operation, Esmeralda County, Nevada

Methods of Producing Lithium

Making lithium from clay is difficult to do and costly, and there has yet to be a company that has been able to produce commercial quantities using the practice. However, a push into mining is at the core of a Tesla plan to cut battery costs and deliver on a promise to bring a $25,000 electric car to market.

Lithium Deposits in Nevada

Musk recently told investors that his company has secured access to 10,000 acres of lithium-rich clay deposits in Nevada and planned to use a new, “very sustainable way” of extracting the metal.

Tesla Wants to Build a Cheaper, More Efficient Battery

The lithium mine is just one component of the company’s quest to build a cheaper, more efficient battery that will ultimately allow it to drop the price of its vehicles.

tesla lithium 3
Lithium Atom



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