Legal Services Provider Epiq Acquires Hyperion Global Partners

Legal Services Eipq

Change in Legal Services Industry Driving Market

The recent pace change in the legal industry has accelerated the need for law departments and firms to run like businesses. Running like a business includes embracing digital legal services transformation. That’s according to Ziad Mantoura, SVP and General Manager for Epiq’s legal transformation services business.

Legal Services Hyperion

Clients Lookin for Aggressive Solutions

Roger Pilc is president of legal solutions at Epiq. He echoed those comments, noting that legal departments are now looking for aggressive solutions to their business problems. As a result, Epiq had to to acquire a company with that expertise. Pilc said with the size of Epiq and expertise of Hyperion, the company has everything it needs to become a leader in the legal services transformation space.

Legal Services Departments of All Sizes

Iffergan noted that corporate legal departments of all sizes continue to try to appreciate their own road maps to legal operations, Simultaniously, they consider which technologies they need to implement.

Hyperion’s History

Hyperion Global Partners was founded in 2009. The company works with the prestigious Am Law 200 law firms, Global 1000 corporations, and other legal service organizations.



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